Land Rover ZF 9HP TCM Clone by OBDSTAR DC706, Yanhua ACDP or Xhorse Multi-Prog?

Which tool can clone Land Rover ZF 9HP TCM among the three tools as the title mentioned?

In fact, OBDSTAR DC706, Yanhua ACDP 1/ACDP 2 and Xhorse Multi-Prog (2nd generation of VVDI Prog) are good choices. All can read and write Land Rover ZF 9HP TCM without any issue. DC706 supports bench mode, and others support boot mode.

1.By OBDSTAR DC706 Full Version(on bench)

It’s very easy and fast to clone with the operation guide and Pinout in the device software.

  • Accessories required:

OBDSTAR P004 Adapter & ECU Clone Jumper

Main cable

12V2A charger

Price: $1,359

  • Operation:

Keep DC706 charging and communicating throughout the whole progress

Make sure the network connection is normal as well

Select ECU Flasher>> TCM>> newest software version

Input 9hp to quickly obtain the TCM model- LAND ROVER ZF 9HP TC1782 (BENCH)

Follow the Pinout diagram to connect DC706, P004 Adapter and Land Rover ZF 9HP TCM via P004 ECU Clone Jumper, ECU Bench Jumper and main cable correctly

Turn on the power of P004 adapter

Click “Start” to enter the main operation interface

1.Connect ECU

2.Read and save INT eeprom and flash TC1782 data separately

3.Connect OBDSTAR DC706 ECU Tool to a new ZF 9HP TCM and upload the corresponding original file to write into the new TCM

All read and write operations are completed.


2.By Yanhua Mini ACDP-1/ ACDP-2 (Boot mode)

Yanhua ACDP Module 28 is required to work with ACDP-1/ACDP-2.


ACDP 1 $195+ Module 28 $222=$417

ACDP 2 $380+ Module 28 $222=$602

The connection method between ACDP1 and ACDP2 are a little different. You can check the help in ACDP APP to check the detailed connection diagram.

The operation guide is similar.


Yanhua Mini ACDP ZF-9HP Gearbox Clone

3.By Xhorse Multi-Prog Programmer (Boot mode)

Price: $800 (Pre-order)

Multi-Prog is the upgraded version of VVDI Prog. It is able to read, write and clone ECU & TCU, support vehicle engine data calculation and processing (MEDC17, EDC17), flexible extension of third-party plug-ins, read & write MCU, vehicle immo module, EEPROM and vehicle dashboard.

Click here to learn more info.

For the first time using, you need to install Multi-Prog software and device driver.


What is Xhorse Multi-Prog?