Xhorse King card Universal Smart Remote, Any Good?

Look at Xhorse King card Universal Smart Remote (shown as below), any good?

What do locksmiths think of Xhorse King card?

  1. So far Xhorse King card looks beautiful, I’m about to program it right now Ihad to preconfigure it.
  2. Honda Motorcycle Perfect Work.

Look at this image below, it comes with 4 smart buttons on the side: unlock, lock, trunk and panic

  1. If you asked ” can use king card to replace xm_smart key? create a toyota smart key?”, the answer is Toyota support only xm board.
  2. If you asked “How about emergency blade ?”, then answer is that’s not part of the design just add a test key and clip it to the key ring.
  1. Question: is it like Xhorse universal keys? we generate the map with MINI KEYTOOL then we program with Obdstar on the car?

Answer: Yes.

  1. Question: What is the list of compatible vehicles or only works for keys hands free?

Answer: the option generated by the smart card can use the Xhorse King Card.

  1. The method to replace the batteries of Xhorse King Card:

I don’t find it difficult to change the batteries there’s 2 for longevity.

1) Prepare: one Xhorse King Card, a little tool to remove the battery, a pair of tweezers.

2) Use a pair of tweezers to remove the cover of the king card.

3) Use the little tool to remove the batteries.

4) Put the battery back on the king card and close the cover.

  1. How do you think of ” Xhorse King Card does not have key blades”?

The Key blade isn’t a deal breaker either because who wants to be fumbling around and pulling out a key out of a small card that they won’t ve able to turn without pliers. They’re most likely going to attach the key to their house keys anyway. Cut a test blade and call it a day. If customers complain than that product isn’t for them.

Xhorse King Card Cons:

Not good for Toyota Corolla Verso 2004

Alright, for more users feedback, I will add in the near future, if you are considering to order one Xhorse King Card Universal Smart Remote, here you go: