Xhorse Key Reader Feedback What Work and What Not work

Xhorse Key Reader is claimed to help users obtain the specific key bitting and cut key directly via Xhorse APP or Xhorse key cutting machines. What about users feedback, read the following test reports.

Xhorse Key Reader Feedback What Work:

  1. So far Xhorse Key Reader is pretty neat. Decoded my Key perfectly.
  2. When I can’t read with dolphin I just use the photo option, that’s a good alternative as well.
  3. I just did a 2002 CLK and the reader read the HU64-2 like butter.
  4. So far it works. I haven’t tried it on any really worn keys yet. I think it’s a waste of money. The key cutters can decode keys plus you just eye ball most of the common keys. I bought it because I like gadgets and hate money.
  5. I used it many times and is accurate so far. Yesterday I had a Pontiac with broken key in 2 pieces and after I glued the key it decoded fine. It was handy since it was super cold in Michigan to use lishi to get the key decoded.
  6. Key Reader read HU66 key bitting OK
  7. Emergency blade is not part of the design just add a test key and clip it to the key ring.

The Key blade isn’t a deal breaker either because who wants to be fumbling around and pulling out a key out of a small card that they won’t ve able to turn without pliers. They’re most likely going to attach the key to their house keys anyway. Cut a test blade and call it a day. If customers complain than that product isn’t for them.

  1. Xhorse Key Reader is like Xhorse universal keys, we generate the map with MINI KEYTOOL then we program with Obdstar on the car.
  2. The option generated by the smart card can use the Xhorse King Card.
  3. I don’t find it difficult to change the batteries there’s 2 for longevity.


Xhorse Key Reader Feedback What Not work:

It is not good for toyota corolla Verso 2004

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