Which Tool Clone EIS W202 (from car) to a Used Without Soldering?

I want to clone a EIS W202 (from car) to a used. Used and car EIS its the same (210-0008) and have 2 motorola mcu with 0D69J.

What tool do it without open EIS via pins.

I have many programmers which I can read these MCUs but I don’t want desolder them. I am new with these eis and I am searching for a tool which can read mcu via pins without open it.


  1. R270 programmer

Nevertheless remove PROZESSOR


No these prozesor on the read do without removing

one option three legs lift

car prog


  1. CG MB (Without Soldering)


***Need AC Adapter


The best machine to go CG MB reads by going complete, you can virginize used and with the reading of the old man.


cgdi can clone it. I have try. don’t over bench connection and not over infrared. need soldering.

cgdi can bench make AKL on this EIS. this works easy and fast.


2 steps to connect the hardware:

Connect AC adapter to EZS.

Connect AC adapter to CGDI MB.


4 steps to clone EIS:

Read old EIS data (SSID, VIN, EIS password, key position information).

Erase new EIS (If it’s used).

Write original data into new EIS.

Add a new key to activate new EIS (Old keys still work).


  1. VVDI MB Tool Clone EIS W202 (Without Soldering)

Question: I would like to do write the contents of two MCUs to the target EIS. I know I can swap both MCUs, but I’m interested in the soldering-free method that the VVDI MB tool gives. I want to clone the EIS using the read / write eeprom via OBD option (shown in the following images).


Experience for sharing:

you can clone ,find pw renew written old dump to renew eis.


You have to do it but need key pass reading on bench with EZS/EIS adapter and IR plug. Than virgin second used bought eis and write vin, write file from old and activated keys in eis.


Image: Infrared Adapter for Xhorse VVDI MB BGA Tool



Put EZS in the adapter and lock.

Need external power supply.


Put old EZS in the adapter.

Read and save EEPROM and FLASH data file.

Put new EZS in the adapter.

Read and save EEPROM and FLASH data file.

Write old EEPROM and FLASH data into new EZS.