Xhorse Iscancar VAG MM-007 diagnosis test report (with pictures)

Received Xhorse Iscancar VAG MM-007 yesterday, and today hook it up the VAG car buy plugging the 16pin cable to the OBD port, what nice features are: plug and play handheld device;  can perform special functions; cover more than 220 system unit and with guide functions. .

xhors- iscancar-vag-mm-007


Here is what I received:

Packed in good condition, in paper box then in fiber box.

xhors- iscancar-vag-mm-007-01


Open the fiber box, it contains one Iscancar VAG MM-007 unit with 16pin cable, and an USB cable.

xhors- iscancar-vag-mm-007-02


The main unit with several buttons and a screen display (it claims to be 320×240), looks good quality and suits for the user’s hand.

xhors- iscancar-vag-mm-007-03

The port is used to plug the USB cable and to update.

xhors- iscancar-vag-mm-007-04


The back printed with Iscancar VAG MM-007 supported protocols including. J2534 SAE, J1850 PWM/VPW, ISO 14230-4 (KWP),  ISO 15764-4 (11 bit and 29 bit CAN), ISO 9141-2.

xhors- iscancar-vag-mm-007-05


Hook Iscancar VAG MM-007 up to the VAG car and starts to diagnose and perform special functions.

Here we go one by one from the menu.

  1. Xhorse Iscancar MM-007 vag main menu:

vag diagnostics

guide function

parameter refresh

special function

controller refresh

system setup

about iscancar



  1. Click “about iscancar” for Xhorse Iscancar MM-007 Serial number, hardware version and software version.

firmware version: 1.0.0

software version: 2.1.6

about iscancar-01

 about iscancar-03

  1. Xhorse Iscancar MM-007language

Only available with English and Chinese.

iscancar-reset language


  1. Xhorse Iscancar MM-007is compatible with more than 200 system units.

Pictures means a lot.


01 0002 002 03 04 05 06

07 08 09(01) 09

011 012 013(01) 013 014

015 016 018 020 021

022 023(01) 023 024 025 026


  1. Guide function

It’s pain to find out the specific system unit I want to diagnose, an easier way is to choose “Guided Function” and choose by the ECU name.

iscancar mm-007 guide function-01 iscancar mm-007 guide function-02 iscancar mm-007 guide function-03


  1. Parameter refreshoption

iscancar Parameter refresh-02 iscancar Parameter refresh-03 iscancar Parameter refresh-04 iscancar Parameter refresh-05 iscancar Parameter refresh-01


  1. Special functions that Xhorse Iscancar VAG MM-007 canperform:

change vin
read pin
immo switch
adapt unit module
key learning
fix audi rb4/rb8 not start
transport mode
sync dashboard time
clear all dtcs
gateway register

iscancar special function-01 iscancar special function-01 iscancar special function-03


  1. controller refresh: firmware refreshand parameter refresh

iscancar-vag-mm-007-controller-refresh-01 iscancar-vag-mm-007-controller-refresh-02 iscancar-vag-mm-007-controller-refresh-03 iscancar-vag-mm-007-controller-refresh-04 iscancar-vag-mm-007-controller-refresh-05


  1. system setup: to personalize the settings as you will

time and date
log record
display time
set language
scan QC code
firmware update
set WSC code
TF card format & create folders

iscancar-vag-mm-007-system-setup-01 iscancar-vag-mm-007-system-setup-02


That’s all.

FIY, I got this Xhorse Iscancar VAG MM-007 from



Good luck!