Xhorse Brand New Dolphin XP-008 Manual Key Cutting Machine Review

Xhorse new released Dolphin XP-008 Manual Key Cutting Machine which is specially designed to duplicate various bit/pump and safe deposit box keys,to meet the needs of a wide range of users.XP-008 features a wide clamp space reaching 115mm, providing a more flexible experience to clamp different keys with no limits to the stem length.XP-008 also offers a wide rotation range so the rotation bench can rotate 0-45°when turing the handle. This makes sure that keys with different titled angles can be perfectly cut.

More Features:

Exceptional Design: Ergonomic design brings users an extraordinary working experience, DOLPHIN XP-008 comes with an LED light, helping users work in different scenes with ease.
Users can complete the lateral cutting feed by simply turning the handwheel which can be entirely concealed inside after duplication.

Innovative Micro-adjustment base: To all-direction micro-adjustment base consisting of a key cutting guide and micro-adjustment knob is innovatively developed,making it possible to achieve ultra-high precision duplicating.

Efficient Cutting Guaranteed:The spindle speed reaching 1050 rpm guarantees high efficiency in cutting. More importantly, it helps minimize the wear and tear of the cutter and ensures high-quality cutting results.

Learn more: https://www.uobdii.com/wholesale/xhorse-dolphin-xp008.html