How to Install and Setup Xhorse Smart Key Box

How to Install and Setup Xhorse Smart Key Box? Here is the guide step by step.

Xhorse Smart Key Box package including:

1. Xhorse smart key box (Remove two screws from the case, you can see the location to install the original remote and the learn button)
2. OBD power supply cable.
3. RF antenna
4. Two LF antennas(long and short)
5. 10-wire conncetor

Step 1: Soldering the PCB board

Firstly, we need to take out the PCB board and the connector. The read and black wire connect to the battery connector on the board. And the red wire connects to the positive side and the black to the negative side. The orange one connect to lock button. The yellow one connect to unlock button, The green to the trunk,and the blue to the panic button.

After soldering, we need to install it into the box.

Step 2: Key Learning

Key learning can be with or without the PCB board in. So here wo remove the PCB board for clean illustration.
This learn button and beside is the DIP switch.


Just keep the DIP switch in the default mode.

Power the box with the 12V power supply.


Before key learning, you need to download the SMART KEY BOX APP.

You can se the QR code on the packing box.And find the “VVDI PKE BOX 445” option.

And generate remote.long press the learn button. You’ll hear a beep. Press “Connect the Car” on the App and press the SN of the box to enter Learnning Mode.

If you need to learn smart phone, click learn “current mobile phone”,learning complete. And you can learn the next smart phone. It can connect 6 smartphones at most.
If you don’t learn smartphones. You can go to learn remote directly, Press any button on the remote, You will hear a beep and the remote is learning successfully. Smart key box can connect 6 remote at most.After learning, Click “Exit learnning mode”, That’s done.
Let’s install PCB and check this flasher. When we press “Lock” on the APP, the flasher will flash once and means the remote works great. We can install the box into the car and see how it work with cars.
Step 3: Install the box into car.

Video Guide: