Why should you buy VVDI Keytool if you have VVDI2 already?

A good top for VVDI2 users: What’s the point of buying VVDI Keytool


If you have full vvdi2
Is there any point to buying vvdi key tool
Whoextra things and cars
you will do with it which are not on vvdi2??


Have posted the post and get feedback here:

1.Save time emulating by not having to waste time firing up a computer for starters


2.The key tool fits in your pocket.


3.Key tool is a must 


4.Both xhorse
But key tool is handheld


5.The Key tool is convenient and saves time. It’s a great addition to the VVDI2. And if you have activated 48 copy on VVDI2 you can bind your key tool and use that to copy 48 without buying additional activation.


6.vvdi key tool is mainly used for chip copy and remote generation


Note: all ideas of xhorse tools from https://www.facebook.com/groups/304426429957190/

BIG THANKS to all feedback!