VVDI2 + FEM test platform add a FEM key: Fast and Easy!

This is an easy method to directly add a FEM key quickly. All can be done with a Xhorse vvdi2 and a FEM test platform


What is a VVDI2 programmer?

VVDI2 is an auto key programmer with good rates (9/10), esp for VAG and BMW key making.

If you looking only for VAG + BMW, then VVDI2 and VVDI Prog is way to go. No need any other tool. In VVDI2 you have also programmer similar to Tango that you can make keys buy dump, but 90% of VAG and BMW can be done by OBD in VVDI2.And for more key programmer for BMW,check here:BMW Key Programmer


What is a FEM test platform?

With the test platform, you can do it on the car directly. It will take less time. A little bit more work to do, though.

That is the reason why you should have it.

It can be used with a lot of key programmers such as VVDI2, Yanhua BMW-FEM programmer, BMW Explorer, CGDI BMW, etc


How to use VVDI2 + FEM test platform for FEM key making:



First, you must have a vvdi2 full version or vvdi2 basic version with FEM/BDC authorization enabled


If not, you will get an error below and fail to add a FEW key

Then connect FEM and the test platform and VVDI2

(put the key marked with red on the coil)


VVDI2 learns a FEM/BDC key with 3 steps done

step 1: get key info

step 2: program the FEM/BDC system

step 3: prepare the dealer key with the ignition witch

VVDI2 programs a FEM/BDC key with 5 steps

step 1:

  1. read FEM/BDC coding via OBDII or on the bench
  2. you’d better not close this window after starting this procedure


step 2:

  1. open FEM/BDC shell, find out where the 95128/95256 chip is, read EEPROM dump via BDM programmer
  2. load original EEPROM dump and save special EEPROM dump, write special EEPROM dump back to the 95128/95256 chip
  3. restore FEM/BDC shell, provide -12v and connect it via OBD


step 3:

  1. this operation requires connecting FEM/BDC on the bench, and make sure you finish step 1 ans step 2
  2. provide +12v to FEM.BDC and connect it via OBD


step 4:

  1. open FEM/BDC shell, write original EEPROM dump (read step 2) back to the 95128/95256 chip
  2. restore FEM/BDC shell and connect it via OBD


step 5:

loading coding file (read step 1), write to FEM/BDC via OBDII, finish FEM/BDC programming



Attention please!!!

– You can directly backup/restore coding

– You have to pre-setup the FEM/BDC module before deleting/adding keys or resetting keys

– You’ll be told other tools need to be used first to program the FEM/BDC system, then setup FEM/BDC via VVDI2. It happens when you do FEM/BDC key learning, and you don’t have a working software version

– You’d better not close the VVDI2 interface when you pre-setup FEM/BDC

– You need do with 95128(FEM) or 95256(BDC) chip when pre-setup FEM/BDC

Note: there are two 8-pin chips; do not disassemble the wrong chip; better refer to the wiring diagram

– You must restore original EEPROM data, restore coding when pre-setup FEM/BDC. If you fail to restore coding or the remote cannot start or something wrong with the window (or other failures probably) after coding restore and FEM/BDC installation, please use other tools to do re-coding FEM/BDC

– Ask tech support @uobdii.com for help, if the replay sounds continuously after supplying power to the FEM/BDC. Usually, it needs programming.