How to Register and Active CAR Kar FANS C800+ Diagnosis

Here OBD2 share the guide on how to register and active CAR Kar FANS C800+ diagnostic tool.C800+ is a diagnostic tool,especially it can cover over 35 Heavy duty brands.



Setp1 : Login registration website Input serial

number(see the nameplate) and registration password ( display when you start up device,), then click next.

Startup interface

Setp2: Enter your name, mailbox and set your password(this password is used for license

activate and SW upgrade in future), then click Submit.

The following shows fill in the registration information successfully


License activate

Setp3: Read SD card by windows laptop. Open the “tools” folder in SD card.

Setp4 : Click “Upgrade Tool” to open it.

Fill the product serial number and Password. (Password is the password be set when

registered in step 2).


Click “close” when update successful.

Insert SD card back to C800 plus. Registration and activation successfully.



In case of windows can’t run “Upgrade Tool” in step3, please open the folder “temp” and

install the “vcredist_x86 file. After that, “Upgrade Tool” can open correctly.


For more CAR FANS C800+ details check here: