VVDI Prog+Special Adapter for BMW CAS4 Reading without Soldering

It is necessary to remove and solder for BMW CAS4 data reading,it will cause data damaged/loss.So here give the solution without removing and soldering during you use VVDI Programmer to reading data from BMW CAS4.


What You Need?

BMW CAS4 Clip Adapter

Xhorse VVDI Prog


BMW CAS4 Data Reading Socket can prevent data loss, specialized for VVDI PROG Programmer

BMW CAS4-5M48H-1N35H, easy to operation, no need disassembling, no need welding, it is a powerful data reading tool.



CAS4 clip adapter includes adapter cable (for vvdi pro), clip A and clip B.

Before using clip A and clip B, please use one blade to remove the glue on the contact surface to prevent poor contact between the probe and the circuit board.



Read BMW CAS4 data wiring diagram




This auxiliary clip reads CAS4 data without welding, but it lengthens the length of the wiring harness. Some types of CAS require multiple attempts to read out. It is recommended to try 3-5 times (the data will not get lost). If you can’t read the data after repeat attempts, please read the data in the traditional method.