v3.40 TM100 key programmer update BMW CAS4 CAS4+

All info about TM100 key programmer v3.40 & v3.80 here. You can free download TM100 v3.38 v3.40, get update info from the release notes and how-to guide to install TM100 software.


Free download TM100 v3.38  v3.40 software:

TM100 software v3.38:


TM100 installation package above is version 3.38

Update TM100 to v3.40 online after v3.38 installation


System requirement:

Windows XP(SP2 or later) Professional Version,

Windows 7 Ultimate,

Windows 8 Professional.


TM100 key programmer v3.40 release notes

  1. Add keymaker for Ducati Diavel,Multistrada. Parts: ZADI, IC: 24C04, Transponder: JMA TPX2, Errebi TX2 or CN2 or YS-01;
  2. Add immo information display for BMW CAS4, CAS4+;


How to view immo information of BMW CAS4, CAS4+:

Select keymaker for BMW CAS4, CAS4+ 5M48H, load immo dump file, click button Immo Info。

Click to know  how to use TM100 Key Programmer read data of BMW CAS- CAS4 EWS4

TM100 V3.38 release notes

  1. Add keymaker for Ford Ecosport as MY2015. Parts: Instrument, IC: MC9S12XEQ384, Transponder: TIRIS DST80;
  2. Add keymaker for Ford Explorer as MY2012. Parts: Instrument, IC: MC9S12XEP100 or MC9S12XEP768, Transponder: TIRIS DST80;
  3. Add keymaker for Ford Fiesta as MY2015. Parts: Instrument, IC: MC9S12XEQ384, Transponder: TIRIS DST80;
  4. Add keymaker for Ford Edge as MY2007. Parts: Instrument, IC: EEPROM 93C66, Transponder: TIRIS 4D;
  5. Add keymaker for China vehicle GAC Trumpchi GA3S. Parts: BCM, IC: EEPROM 25640, Transponder: Hitag2;
  6. Bugs fix;


How to update TM100 key programmer to version 3.40

1- connect TM100 to the PC

2- open TM100 program

3- go to Menu column-> Help-> About

4- select firmware version or software version you want to update to

5- click Update Software

tm100-key-programmer-3-40-update-1 tm100-key-programmer-3-40-update-2

6- downloading the new software from server..

7- display a windows prompting “File was downloaded successfully, please save your work”, click YES to update
8- update is processing
9- back to software/firmware main menu
10- select Help-> About to check the software that has been updated

The latest TM100 software version: 3.40