Autel DS708 reviews for small mechanic shops and DIYers

Autel MaxiDas DS708 is a useful scanner and universal diagnostic tool with reasonable price. It is especially advised and recommended to small mechanic shops and DIYers. Following reviews are for your reference:

This is a very affordable diagnostic tool for those who own smaller shops or serious part time mechanics. I have a Solus and was tired of the outrageous update cost. Also I have a Launch X431 Diagun and am dissatisfied with its abilities and the menu is in broken English. The AUTEL DS708 however is great. It has 80% or more of the functionality of a more expensive tool. It does graphing and merging of data but there is no oscilloscope to use for waveform analysis.


Any DIYer can use this machine and make repairs with very little effort.

I love this tool, it performs as well as or even better than my Snap-on 2500. The help feature is awesome the information it provides makes finding the problems and fixing them with ease. It not only read the codes, but also allows you to perform certain active test while the vehicle is running. For the price, the features and capabilities are better than those more expensive scanners.


I’m a master technician with ten years experience as a professional tech. For the money this scanner does more than any of its competitors for a fraction of the price. It puts my snap on scanner to shame! Does almost every make and model I program keys with it, reset adaption and service lights, look at live data, run tests, etc can’t go wrong
I now use AUTEL DS708 to scan and diagnose anything from GM, FORD, CHRYSLER, BMW, MERCEDES, NISSAN, TOYOTA etc cars in my shop. This tool gave me a lot of confidence that I was able to accurately diagnose most drivability problems. For the money I can’t complain.


This is the ultimate tool for DIY mechanics. It does about 90% of what factory scanners do for any make and model. And for the price it is the best bang for the buck. Note: It does not support OBD1.


Admittedly I’ve had it for half a day, but I’ve hooked up to 5 different OBDII vehicles and I’ve had no problems with communication or sending commands. The menu is straightforward, and easy to understand.


For the price MaxiDas DS708 did everything I thought it would. It reads more codes and modules than any hand held scanner I’ve had. The software is little clunky but does work fine. And I found no battery in the unit but powers up fine when plugged into the car. Some of the things I have used it for so far – 1) troubleshoot the transmission on my daughters 2000 Mazda 626, recorded the gear requested and actual gear. 2) Troubleshoot a bad wire on the Mass Air flow sensor on my friends Ford 500, recorded the MAF while driving. 3) Troubleshoot the air doors and the automatic transfer case on my 2004 Tahoe. 4) checked codes on 2006 impala SS. 5) Found the burned out light on a Dodge Ram pickup (Dodge has a message on the dash that tells the driver a light is out, doesn’t say which one but the scanner does tell which one).