Use SDD JLR reprogram TCM VIN for Land Rover Discovery Sport 2017


a Land Rover Discovery Sport from 2017, 2.0 TD4 AWD engine code AJ200D. Gearbox was faulty so we sourced a used one. Problem is now it gives a fault code 0631 on TCM which seems to be faulty VIN number.
I can read VIN in the gear selector and that is correct to the car. But the TCM VIN is from the other car we sourced the used gearbox from. I have all regular tuning tools and diagnostic tools. Can’t reprogram the TCM VIN with Autocom or Autel. What is used to reprogram the TCM VIN?

How to do:

You need to use land rover software SDD JLR 
using j2534 passthru interface.

-> Here is JLR Mangoose SDD V160 information: SDD software download link, SDD software setup instruction, compatible interface etc)

Autel and autocom won’t save you here you need perfect software JLR SDD to program TCU you can use this software also using autel J2534 pass thru hardware.

How to setup JLR SDD (module programming) for use with J2534?

we’re going to be going through the process of setting up JLR SDD software to use with your J2534 interface.

This is a process that I have not done a lot of times, so bear with me I probably am making some mistakes, but I have used it, it does work.

So let’s start off with a few things you’re gonna need:

  1. J2534 interface

it’s my experience just about J2534 works as long as it’s 4.04.

  1. Laptop that meets JLR Specification

This is a big one will go through the back the laptop specs in a moment

  1. Battery maintainer

You’re gonna need a quality battery maintainer, not a battery charger. you need something that’s gonna hold the battery at a voltage of approximately 13.5volts. If at any time during the process that the vehicle falls below12.5 volts the process will stop in my experiences, if you will lock up modules.

  1. Time and patience

You’re going to need some time and some patience, but once you start the process, you’ll understand you need some time and some patience.

  1. You will also want to download this and install it prior to working on the vehicle you do not need a subscription to do this part of the process

Guide in step by step:

  1. Requirements

First things first if you don’t have or haven’t done it already go to and download J2534 toolbox, my suggestion is you get it for the cardaq-M, even if you don’t own the device.

You could open up the J2534 toolbox using the cardaq-M with just about any four digit serial number. So I always use 2222 just for example.

So we need to go through the PC specific for the JLR, first of all notice that JLR does not work well if you already have Ford or Mazda or Honda on your laptop, so if you have those you’re gonna need a different laptop I suggest a different laptop anyway.

These are not minimum specs, these are required specs, my suggestion is that you go to a used computer store and buy a pretty decent laptop.

Understand has to be Windows 7 32 bit and Internet Explorer 8 are the biggest problems, nobody wants to put Internet Explorer 8 on it for you and then you cannot do any Windows updates.

From here or it will not work. So get yourself a used laptop dedicated for JLR, if you plan on doing it.  And make sure it meets these specs.

  1. How to do next?

1) get the SDD software on your laptop

okay first thing you need to do is go to JLR download site

This was taped on November 15 2017, so the process may change.

If you have not installed SDD yet, the first thing you need to do is the bottom selection is SDD full.

And then any update to the 01,02,03,04 , all need to be installed separately.

You can download them all at once, but run them separately.

The computer does need to be rebooted between installations so you’ll get lots of practice reboot the computer.

And then the Panasonic script setup and the popup disabled should also be installed.

This is just to get the software on your laptop.

2) signing up at the topics website

We will go through the process of signing up at the Topics website now, once you get to the topic site, you need to register, this is basic name, address, phone number, type stuff.

The biggest thing you’re gonna need is your Username and password.

You’ll need it every time you go to use the tool, so obviously make it something that’s easy to remember there is some minimum specs on the password. I believe it’s 12 digits, one number, one letter and one capital.

so another good place to start is  This is a good place for any kind of programming information, a information website that you’re looking for.

There’s lots of good information, also if you want to register for LS ID, this is the site you’re gonna go to. Then, we’re gonna go to reprogramming information, go to Land Rover like I said you can use any manufacturer you’re looking for here. This is a direct link to land rover Jaguar site.

And in the previous step, we did register so you’re gonna use your username and password to login.

This will be the username and password set up once you’re logged in you’re gonna go up to where you see your name up there and get options.

Then the programming subscriptions are on the right understand the document

subscriptions around the lot do not make the mistake of buying these document subscription, when you want a programming subscription.

There’s the individual module programming.

Different terms are different prices obviously.

If you don’t do it a lot, it’s 84 dollars for one day a week and then if you do a lot of them the year is probably the best Bargain the trust center is your s NASTF LS ID number.

If you’ve registered I just skip it.  That is going to take you to a process of paying for the subscription and you put in your credit card information and give them your money.

Pretty easy from here, thanks for reading.

Hope it helps!