Tested Toyota & Lexus Smart keys with China key programmers

Read a thread by ray-ray (DK Veteran), he shared his test reports of Toyota & Lexus Smart keys China using key programmers and key clone machines. I can’t agree with his test reports and would like to share here, hope more reader learn it.


It start with TJECU maker of the CN900 cracking Lexus/Toyota smart cards. 0140=id71 40bit. Or 7140 used in USA 2005/07 >>next was 3370=id74 80bit. Used in USA 2007/2011 after that the 5290 or the “ACX” I have been testing these proxy and they are just like the OEM.

HKlock has their own board with same OEM format works perfect it can also be unlock RF via cn900 mini or VVDI.

Lonsdor K518 has FT-01 boards that fit Toyota Lexus in all regions 0020 G or 2110 AG
I have try them both works good plus you can unlock them without any special tool.

Here more info. See if you can figure it out on your own!

toyota-lexus-smart-keys-china-reviews-01 toyota-lexus-smart-keys-china-reviews-02 toyota-lexus-smart-keys-china-reviews-03

Here is the 2019 RAV4 for the USA market. First HKLock RAV4 with Q3 mark on the antenna DOESN’T WORK any models in the Lexus or Toyota line up… So I started hunting for a better source. Please note the vin: both are Japan style 3 button board 0410 “G” no hatch. The second was a hybrid with electric hatch button, 4 button 0351 “G” both boards where made on 8/20

now just got to find the USA made RAV4 ,Highlander and Venza..

toyota-lexus-smart-keys-china-reviews-04 toyota-lexus-smart-keys-china-reviews-05 toyota-lexus-smart-keys-china-reviews-06

I pull 3 RAV4 one made in the USA and 2 Japan. I took apart all my China boards and found that the Avalon proxy has the same marking as the RAV4. First the USA model fail to program under the Avalon proxy. Along with all the markings on the Chinese boards converted to fcc: # .


Z37=ACX 5920 (314.4mhz.) Lexus toyota -3buttons and 4buttons
U3=Avalon 2019 and newer
R3=Prius 2016 same board works on Camry 2018 (314.4mhz.)
J3=Sienna Van
Q3=RAV4 vendor was HKLOCK >>Nothing in the USA market Lexus or Toyota will fit.
93B=Highlander “AG”2110 (remote function works but proxy does not work weak antenna) if you use the fob to contact the push to start it will run. Also tried to unlock by rf with VVDI2, mk3 and Tango no go.

Toyota Smart keys for 2021 has change there battery size to CR2450 3V. Toyota RAV4 Prime here it is.

toyota-lexus-smart-keys-china-reviews-07 toyota-lexus-smart-keys-china-reviews-08 toyota-lexus-smart-keys-china-reviews-09

Here are some more new models. Venza 2021 with a larger battery CR2450 3V.

toyota-lexus-smart-keys-china-reviews-10 toyota-lexus-smart-keys-china-reviews-11

I will be testing more smart made by Lonsdor FT24 ver.1 used on a toyota mini van call Sienna. Also will be testing there direct cloning a smart key.

Alright, through the above pictures, the author found the key programmers (Lonsdor K518, Xhorse VVDI, Tango etc) and key cloning machines (CN900 Mini, VVDI Mini key tool) are all available at uobdii.com. This column can help you find them: