Lonsdor KH100+ Key Programmer Copy 2020 AVALON BA Smart Key Perfectly

Lonsdor KH100+ handheld device is the latest upgraded version from old KH100. It not only supports all the functions of KH100, besides, but also adds more functions.

  • 4-pack remotes & smart key involved
  • Handy chip holder integrated
  • 902MHZ supported
  • Longer distance data collection
  • More accuracy frequency detection
  • More user friendly
  • Faster running
  • Larger memory
  • Optimized power system (faster charge &heat protection)
  • Upgraded packaging


How to use Lonsdor KH100 Plus?

The operation guide is same as Lonsdor KH100. For the first time to use, you should register the device firstly. For more details, please click here to learn.

Here is a test report about Lonsdor KH100+ copy on 0440B Toyota smart key for 2020 AVALON BA to directly start car!

Please refer to this report to learn the operation guide.

Step 1: Use the original key and FT smart key to test the remote separately

The result is that the original key works well but the FT smart key doesn’t work

lonsdor-kh100-manual-2 lonsdor-kh100-manual-3

Step 2: Put in the original smart key on the coil of Lonsdor KH100+ key programmer

It supports most of 8A models especially latest P4 (9100AAAA).


Step 3: Press “OK” button to start copy the Toyota 8A smart key

Step 4: Before reading frequency, make sure the original key has been put in the coil of KH100.

Step 5: Then press any button of the original key for one second


Step 6: Put in a copyable FT smart key and make sure WiFi is connected




Step 7: Copy the smart key successfully

Step 8: Finally, use it to test the remote and start the car again until it can work well.