Tango / Tm 100 /Tag key tool which one is the Best?

If you are interested in key programming through Dump and want to know which tool is the best for this, Tango key programmer, Tm 100 or Tag key tool? Then I advise you have an overview on this article, this article is based on many real users’ experience.

lunchb0x (user) experience:

I have Tango, TMPro and AVDI TAG.

Tango – Once you get your head around the layout for the car manufactures it is pretty simple to use, it also has come handy features like generating transponders like 48CAN, 4D6x and 46 chips. This helps with cutting down on stock.

TMPro – I prefer using this for motorbikes as they seem to be first with finding a lot of solutions for these ( Yamaha Moric) but if you want a lot of modules then Tango is the cheaper option

AVDI TAG – I haven’t used it much since getting my Tango, there were a few bugs in it when I was using it and abritus aren’t the quickest at fixing bugs.

Overall to start with go Tango. Easy to use, has images to help you out and so far ( for me) it works with everything that it says it does. ( I have heard of a few issues with some updates but nothing that I have come across first hand)

Siham(user) experience:

All depend of your budget.

TMpro is the best ,but also the most expensive and absolutly no bugs.

TM100 is a copy of Tango, Tango and TM100 share similar functions, TM100 has some calculators that Tango doesn’t have and Tango has other specific functions, and Tm100 is the best for Toyota because it has been developed with one well-known Toyota locksmith.

Tango is the original and best option with investment. If you are a novice then TM100 doesn’t help u much with pics

As with all this kit, you still need OBD kit…. mega bucks even cloned stuff

jameshdx80 (user) experience:

I have Tango, TMPro, Transpronics, AD900 and RW4. As for these tools, only Tango and TMPro as worth the price. I like best TMPro because it is very simple to use and rarely presents any bug. Besides, Bogi (the developer) always answers fast. Tango is also a great tool and Liubomir (the developer) also offers help although sometimes is hard to understand what he writes in the e-mail.


Conclusion is the following: before choosing between Tango and TMPro, check what services they offer that will suit your needs according to your country. Services they have are not exactly equal.