SUBARU FreeSSM V1.2.5 OBDII Fault Code Scan Cable all info here

SUBARU OBDII diagnostic cable is a windows-based diagnostic tool, it is tested running fine with FreeSSM V1.2.5 software on the laptop via USB 2.0. FreeSSM V1.2.5 is able to communicate with the engine and transmission systems, and then read out the live data and DTC, etc. Besides, FreeSSM V1.2.5 is tested running fine on XP, Vista and Windows 7 while most other clone cables only work with XP.

FreeSSM V1.2.5

Newest Software version: FreeSSM V1.2.5

Language available: English and German

FreeSSM V1.2.5 language

FreeSSM V1.2.5 is a cheaper option compared with Subaru Select Monitor:

No matter who you are a professional mechanic or a car engineer, you will agree that FreeSSM can easily replace more complex monitoring tools e.g. the Subaru Select Monitor. While the latter is a paid option, FreeSSM is an open-source project that is free to download and requires no subscription fee. Besides, FreeSSM relies on a short and uncomplicated installation process and adopts a rather simple interface that doesn’t take too long to understand.

about freeSSM V1.2.5

FreeSSM V1.2.5 works with following Subaru models from 2000 to 2009, details as follows:

* Impreza

* Forester

* Tribeca

* Liberty

* Baja

* Outback


FreeSSM V1.2.5 is verified working in the following aspects:

Its most important functions include the possibility to execute TCU resets (e.g. for the check engine lights), as well as to display real-time data for various measuring blocks and to perform all sorts of system tests for various components of the engine: the fuel pump, the radiator fan or the air suction valve, to name a few.

engine control unit