EPC/WIS shortcut – EWA net expire error 462 working solution

Tested many solutions for SD connect c4 software – EPC/WIS shortcut (EPC 09.2014). After 8-10 minutes work NOT the shortcut, EWA net error 462 – expired.
Here, I would share a good solution and it works 100%:



find and edit this file: C:/programm files/EWA net/config/um_cfg.xml
Find this line:
<PARAMETER name=”tokenActiveMinutesAfterStart”>30</PARAMETER>
and change 30 to -1 .
And in this line:
<PARAMETER name=”tokenActiveMinutesAfterReinitialization”>480</PARAMETER>
change 480 to -1 .


If the solution does not work, try:

  1. Delete the EPC application from Java in Control Panel.
    2. Run the fix.
    3. From EWA Admin Tool —> Restart EWA server service —> Stop EWA database —> Start EWA database. (Or you can simply restart your computer).
    4. From EWA net shotcut —> Make sure that you have a valid key —> Log on and Start EPC.
    5. Close EPC and EWA net (Internet Browser).
    6. Create EPC shortcut from Java in Control Panel.After this make new EPC/WIS shortcut (from JAVA) and this shortcut will never expire.
    Good luck!