How to modify NETTODAT files with NCS Expert

Share an instruction on how to modify NETTODAT files with NCS Expert for BMW E90 model. Hope this helps.


Why to modify NETTODAT files?

Because of improvement of some features, such as controlling how long you have to press the lock button down on the key fob to fold in the car’s mirrors, which is required to modify the NETTODAT.TRC file.


What you need?

BMW ICOM A2 or K+DCAN INPA cable for BMW E series

NCS Expert



How to modify NETTODAT files?

  1. In NCS Expert, load the Expertmode profile


  1. Press F1, and then press F3.  For the ECU, choose the CAS ECU.


  1. Press F6, and then press F4 to choose which module you are wanting to change the NETTODAT file for and press the OK button.


  1. Press F4 to read the ECU. When you read the ECU, a new NETTODAT.TRC file (which you should backup someplace on your computer) will be created in the NCS Expert WORK folder. A pop-up window titled NETTODAT.TRC will also appear. Exit out of that window.


  1. Open the NETTODAT.TRC file located in the NCS Expert folder in  Notepad++ or Notepad.


  1. Use the search feature in Notepad++ or Notepad to find the line you need to edit.


  1. When done making the changes, save the file as NETTODAT.MAN. Notice the .MAN extension at the end, instead of .TRC.


  1. Just so we do not screw up anything in the following steps, close out of NCS Expert and re-open it. This time load the FSW PSW MAN profileinstead of the Expertmode profile.


  1. Repeat steps 2-3.


  1. Press F5 or click the basic functions button and select “coapiCodeSgByNettoData” in the pop-up screen and then press the OK button. Another pop-up screen will appear, and for the field Nettodatenliste,type in NETTODAT.MAN. Next press the OK button on the pop-up window.


  1. After pressing the OK button in the pop-up window above, NCS Expert will take the values in the NETTODAT.MAN file located in your NCS Expert WORK folder, and code them to your car.


12. You can now close NCS Expert. NETTODAT files modification success!