Step to use BMW ENET (Ethernet to OBD) Cable E-SYS to encode BMW F-series

Follow my contribution, more chewed it impossible, was the steps I used BMW ENET (Ethernet to OBD) Cable to encode my car and everything worked out, are the most up to date software, I used PSdZData_Full!


Cable used:


Bmw Coding Database


E-Sys (Includes E-Sys v.3.26.1 & E-Sys Launcher Premium 1:05 (w / Builtin Token Generator) & Guides):!p5JijaKY!DrkkiLi9AUebQOp1sTC0ywopaKXqzEqjYx7Oz45jU14


For Newest BMW E-sys software,please check here:

Newest BMW E-sys Coding software Free Download


* NOTE: If upgrading from a previous version E-Sys, first uninstall current E-Sys version via Windows Control Panel.


“E-Sys – Installation Instructions – v.8.pdf” (E-Sys Installation & Setup Guide):




* NOTE: 54.2 PSdZData Lite Version has the SWFL files removed Which are needed only for flashing new onto ECU’s firmware, and ARE NOT needed at all for any coding, so you get a time and bandwidth friendly 6.4 Gb download instead of the 25.3 Gb download , and- When extracted it is 9.4 Gb instead of 34.2 Gb, saving 24.8 Gb of Hard Drive space.


Or if you actually need the full version is Flashing:



* NOTE: 54.x PSdZData requires E-Sys 3.23.4 or higher version.


* NOTE: If upgrading from a previous version PSdZData, DELETE and REPLACE old PSdZData folder with new PSdZData folder (Do NOT copy (merge) PSdZData new folder on on top of old PSdZData folder).


* NOTE: Downloading files from MEGA is best accomplished by disabling any AntiVirus software, and using Chrome Browser with the MEGA Extension. Do NOT use Firefox. For muti-part rar archives, you must download all parts, And Then When finished, open only part1.rar, and it will automatically process all parts of the .rar archive.