Setup NCS-Expert on BMW INPA / Ediabas OBD & ADS Interface

In order to perform a diagnosis we will need the ADS interface for connecting INPA cable + INPA software. (BMW INPA Ediabas freedown and installtion)

The interface, which I have here:

I assume from taking off in a situation when fully operate INPA software or detects the battery (battery) and ignition.  After a successfully loaded INPA it is time for you desire to change and will be here for the needed tool, which is called the NCS Expert and is located in the Start Menu in the same folder in which the INPA. Thus, they works.


BMW INPA / Ediabas OBD & ADS Interface



The text was translated form a Polish BMW forum, and you are on your own risk.

  1. Launch the NCS Expert (we assume that INPA package we have installed in the language is not German).
  1. Choose File -> Load Profile
  2. Choose window profiles, select Expert Mode and click OK.
  3.  Select File -> Edit Profile 
  4. In the window Password Entry give the password to profile: repxet and click OK.
  5. In the Profile Editor window, click the button Individualisierung (bottom left)
  6. In Memory Car window select the option Individualisierung aktiv in the Car / Key Memory, and click OK
  7.  Click the Profile button info (bottom right) in the window editor Profile
  8. In the info window profiles in the Profile Name field with individualisation we add to our profile name sounded Expert Mode with individualisation (this way we will be able to easily distinguish it for the future of the original profile Expert Mode) and click OK
  9. In the Profiles window, click consistence Editor check – should appear Info window that says consistence check OK
  10.  In the Profile Editor window, click OK
  11. Choose File -> Save Profile As and File Name box, change the profile number to another or FZG3.PFL and click OK
  12. Choose File -> Load Profile Choose and window profiles have now Expert Mode profile with individualisation who select and click ok
  13. Connect the ADS interface with the laptop. Strapped cables, we put our key into the ignition and turn on the ignition (not fire up the engine)
  14. Choose the VIN / ZCS / FA (F1)
  15. Select ZCS / FA f. ECU (read data ZCS / FA ECU our car)
  16.  Choose CHASIS window select E39 (in my case).
  17.  Choose the ECU box, select EWS and click ok … after a while, filling up the fields FG GM SA and VN
  18. Select the options Back F6
  19. Select Car Memory (F5)
  20. We will get the following message:
  21. In this window mode of operation determines whether the programmed key or car (Car Memory / Key Memory 1-4). My Bmka no key programming so I didn’t use of this, and therefore that portion Skip to something not mix. For me it was only Car Memory. There is a list of functions which we can reprogram. These functions are displayed in German.

In the parameter we have state of the parameter, the aktiv and their aktiv. Literka S is a serial setting us literka and individual settings.

23. Before we can change the settings should be wybraz Read or F1. August dimming buttons on the dozen / tens of seconds until the car will be read out of our current settings. When black buttons again will we begin to dig. And so we choose functions in the center pane then select the desired options in the right pane and press the F2 take over. Name of the function to be programmed with porzadanym state appears in the pane on the bottom. If you want to remove functions (not to change its status) invades the bottom of the window and click the Delete F3. When we change what we already hit F4 Broadcast and after a while we will see a window confirming the setting parameters. Voila!  Disconnect INPA OBD & ADS cable and test whether it is as we wanted.

PS. If you change the settings of lights then when programming (optional broadcast) start to blink us light and backlight buttons in the middle. With me so it was. Programming did so without panic.