Scania Multi 1812 [12.2018] free download on mega and Win7 installation

Offer Scania Multi 12.2018 100% safe source and free source for your choice, Scania Multi 12.2018 installation on win7 and detailed menu map.


Part 1: Scania Multi 12.2018 safe source:


Description : The SCANIA MULTI program contains information about spare parts for cars and Scania buses. All information has been presented since 1985, for trucks, chassis and buses of the SCANIA series, for all regions (differing in equipment and performance). Service documentation in English.


Scania Multi 12.2018 installation on win7 32bit:

Try WIN8 10 at your own lucky.


Quick “how to” install the scania program:

this is how u install the program. Instruction:
1. Download all part first
2. Extract to get ISO DVD
3. Insert and Install all DVD ISO 1,2,3,4
Multi 1805_DVD01
4. Note: Insert one by one
When finish DVD1, insert DVD2
When DVD2, insert DVD3
When DVD3, insert DVD4
5. Done and run




Scania Multi 12.2018 Vehicle / engine type:

L.P.G.R.S series truck (2016-)

P.G.R.T series truck (2003-)

4 series truck (1994 – 2008)

3 series truck (1987 – 1996)

F.K.N series bus (2004 – )

4 series bus ( 1994 – 2010)

3 series bus (1997-1999)

E2011 (2010 -)

P96 (1996 -)

scania-multi-1812-installation-03 scania-multi-1812-installation-04


Scania Multi 12.2018 language is multiple choice:

scania-multi-1812-installation-05 scania-multi-1812-installation-06 scania-multi-1812-installation-07


Scania Multi 12.2018 offers all electronic control systems technical information.


Click on “L.P.G.R.S series truck (2016-)”, then have “03-05-0002 Fuel pipes, Fuel filter unit, XPI [DC09].



Part 2: Scania Multi 12.2018 free source

Scania Multi 1812 [12.2018] – mega!VRQHBALB!Zfdcwg_9pDF7wS61w2xImofJShNoyCV9H-Izhi-iuKY

Password: contact @Rocket (mhhauto member)


Year / Release Date : 05.12.2018
Version :
Developer : Scania AG
Interface language : Multilingual

Change language by following instructions from here >>>