OBDSTAR X100 PRO in gray color VS OBDSTAR X100 PRO in Red color

This article is available with the Difference between OBDSTAR X100 PRO in gray color (2019 version) and OBDSTAR X100 PRO in red color (2015 version). The gray color combine C type (immo) + D type (odo)+ E type(eeprom) at 200USD cheaper.


One table: OBDSTAR X100 PRO in gray color VS OBDSTAR X100 PRO in red color

OBDSTAR X100 PRO in gray color OBDSTAR X100 PRO in red color
Image obdstar-x100-pro-in-gray-vs-in-red-01 obdstar-x100-pro-in-gray-vs-in-red-02
Year / Release Date 2015 year 2019 year
Price $199 free shipping 339USD + shipping cost
Odometer correction YES. Cover a wide range of car makes only D Type has this function
IMMO function YES. Cover a wide range of car makes only C Type has this function
EEPROM YES, with free PIC and EEPROM 2-in-1 Adapter. Only C type support this function by buying extra eeprom adapter


As you can see, OBDSTAR X100 PRO in gray color wins:

1.Red color to gray color.

2.200USD cheaper price.

3.the software downloading speed is improved by more than 50%.

4.Add EEPROM Chip reading for free.

5.New upgraded software operating system, added operating interactive prompt

6.High-capacity 4G TF card, more stable performance, never appear white screen

7.New design of PCB hardware, greatly improved configuration


OBDSTAR X100 PRO target users:

1). Have less car makes, not works with newest car makes i.e 2018 2019 year.

Most car models before 2012 year: YES

Mazda odometer connection: No problem

Hyundai (a partial) IMMO: No problem

Nissan key adding: no problem.

VAG 4th /5th generation: NO


2) Easy to operate by the guided menu programming.

Odometer correction job is done by OBD.


3) Plan to spend less money.




OBDSTAR X100 PRO claimed vehicle coverage:

Browse OBDSTAR X100 PRO official site www.obdstar.com

Here you can click on “Carlist” , then “Function List“, then any of EEPROM, Immobilizer, OBDII, Odometer mileage etc. OBDII Diagnosis



1). IMMO:

OBDSTAR X100 PRO supports the Immobilizer function of over 50 car makes in the world.

Immo PIN CODE reading is working fine.

Reads keys from immobilizer’s memory is confirmed.

Toyota G Chip Via OBD


2). Odometer correction

It has less carlist




3). EEPROM Chip reading

View this attachment: OBDSTAR X100 PRO eeprom adapter v33.53



OBDSTAR X100 PRO Update:

Free Update Online on Official Website for 1 Year, Download Upgrade Tool (Use Serial Number and Register Password to Log in and Update).



OBDSTAR X100 PRO feedback:

1.OBDSTAR Mileage Correction Feedback



2.OBDSTAR X 100 pro IMMO & Remote Feedback



Last but not least, OBDSTAR X100 PRO is a good choice. If you are looking for one cheap working key programmer and better comes with odometer correction function, that must be OBDSTAR X100 PRO.