Rumors about JLR Mongoose SDD burned and use tips

Rumor: Be advised these Mongoose clones are very unstable. I personally burned 2 and I’m on my 3rd.

mangoose unstable
Positive comment:
I’ve heard a few rumors about problems like yours, but fortunately, my clone has been working fine for over a year, and I bought the cheapest one I could find. Makes you wonder.

jlr working good
Another positive comment with tips:
My mangoose works flawless from day 1.
It’s pretty important to have a compatible laptop with some XP or 32bit-win7 installation. Don’t try fancy new 64bit or win8/10 stuff and never change (or update) a running system.
With virtual machines, you should have a good look at the usb-drivers inside the VM and that of the host. virtualbox worked for me.

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