Renault Espace 2.0DCi writing error Glow plug wrong configuration


I wrote mod file with Galetto v54 EU. After get DTC about injector coding (that’s ok, no problem recode injectros) and Glow plug wrong configuration error.
DTC: P1670, DF1069: Glow plugs not configured ow wrong config.
CAN clip help?

Solved with Renault CAN Clip! When all went back to normal and no DTC. Did injector codings data read and save with galetto. After write mod file again, injector coding and glow plug configuration lost. Write back injector coding data but glow plug configuration stayed lost. So programming this car/ECU always comes with glow plug config. lost, even if you had save injector coding data.

Got two pieces of advice from others, they will be helpful if you encounter the similar faults.
Then I turn to other experienced technician, they give me two pieces of suggestion as follows:

First piece of suggestion: If you made backup of inj data (eeprom) you can restore it after writing mod file then will be ok.
My answer: it just read injectors coding data, first two line. All other is FF in eprom what galetto read. But I didn’t do that because for EDC16CP33 program guide didn’t warned me :S

Second suggestion: I do lot test with that ecu and can say if eeprom is ok you can write codes back in ecu via fgtech without problem! but if eeprom is damage and in codes is AAAAAA Fgtech not write back codes and renault clip to not help and tech2 to cant write back that codes!
My answer: My problem is not the injector codes. There is something problem with glow plug configuration.