Steps to create .11 keys for Mercedes


I try explaining how create .11 dumps to Mercedes keys:

1- Read ezs MCU eeprom

2- Use SKC calculator and generate .21 keys

3- Use Hex editor and open a key dump

4- Create a new empty file

5- Adress 1h is key password, write the 8 bytes inverted in new file at adress 3h
ex: 88 47….D2 must write D2….47 88

6- In new file adress 0h write the key status 04 FC 00

7- In .21 dump adress 9h are the SSID write the 4 bytes inverted at adress Bh in new file
ex: C4 76 6C BC must write BC 6C 76 C4

8- In .21 dump copy all bytes from Dh to 7Ch and past in new dump adress Fh

9- At adresses 7Fh, 80h, 81h and 82h write 01

10- Fill all adresses to the end of dump with 00

11- Last 5 bytes is remark and can be what you whant

12- Write new dump in key mcu and enjoy.

If you can´t transform a .21 dump in a .11 dump with all this information please go fishing and pay to someone to do the job!!