OBDSTAR X200 X-200 Oil Reset on Porsche Cayenne, Panamera (2010-)

Here are some useful tips of how to use OBDSTAR X200 for oil reset on latest Porsche Cayenne, Panamera. Wish this helps.


  1. According to mileage of Porsche Cayenne, Panamera (2010-), maintenance differs in options. There are three original designs for maintenance reminding.

1) oil reset – 10000km – 365 days

2) general maintenance – 30000km – 730 days

3) major maintenance – 60000km – 1460 days

Based on the factory maintenance requirements, use OBDSTAR X200 oil reset tool to perform oil reset on Cayenne, Panamera (2010-)


  1. How to get the maintenance function menu

1) operate and get dashboard information menu via OK, UP & DOWN buttons

PORSCHE-oil-reset-obdstar-x200 (1)

2) go to vehicle – information

PORSCHE-oil-reset-obdstar-x200 (2)

3) select maintenance period

PORSCHE-oil-reset-obdstar-x200 (3)

4) there are 3 types of maintenance including kilometers and days

PORSCHE-oil-reset-obdstar-x200 (4) PORSCHE-oil-reset-obdstar-x200 (5) PORSCHE-oil-reset-obdstar-x200 (6)

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