New Diagbox 9.23 Installation: Windows 10 or Windows 7? 32 bits or 64 bit?

Several months ago,UOBD2 share a post on PSA Diagbox 9.12 Download Free + How to Install,and now new version is 9.23.So here comes the experiences share by our customers on how to install Diagbox 9.23 on Window XP,Window 7 and Window 10 32 bit and 64 bit.


Windows 7: seems to me that it works in 32 bit, at least I use it on windows 7 32bits and I have no worries


2.hello, we will repeat diagbox included pp2000 / lexia which are the old soft Peugeot / Citroën  and which works only on a windows 32 bits not of various
diagbox new soft vehicle after + – 2007 (works on 32/64 bits) lexia / pp2000 old soft before + -2007 (only 32 bits).
for the installation of diagbox began with the 7.01 then have the maj following in …… diagbox 9.23 (of MRRorry) works with windows 32/64 bits and lexia pp2000

3.I took two pc one with V7.57 in 7 32BITS and the other V9.23 rorry 7 64BITS;

4.win7 32 works with all that is diagbox  the xp is imperative for pp2000 and lexia (except diagbox)

5.It takes a 32bits OS for your vci to work because the drivers only exist in 32bits.


Diagbox Windows 7 install:


Windows 10:

1. I managed to install XP PRO SP3 32 BITS in Dual Boot with W10 pro 64 bits


2. I have Windows 10 64 I start at 7.01, I can go until 7.57 after that does not happen anymore


3. on the windows 10 64 bits, diagbox will work but not pp2000 / lexia which they only works on a 32-bit windows (no 64-bit drivers).
so you can diagnose vehicles that works with diagbox after + – 2007


4.I give up impossible to exceed 7.57, I saw that there were newer versions but had to relieve the Paypal account, I bought this OBD tool on a whim when surfing Ebay, I do not never used it, the only time I wanted to hook, I ended up going to the garage .What software version should I take to use on the 2005 C3 1.4 HDI and also a Peugeot traveler of 2017, (operating system W 10 PRO 64 B) from what I understood I will use that diagbox, the other software sweat the CD I did not know how to install them.


5. slt takes that of mr rorry version 9.23 it runs on w10 32 and 64 bit and is recent vehicle


6. I diagbox works flawlessly in 7.57 with W10 64 BITS

7.I tried to recover the driver that is in C: \ Windows \ System32 \ DriverStore \ FileRepository, but I can not find, the complete file weighs 750 MB, it will be difficult to send it to you.
Try to go into CD1 / Setup drivers box and run the executable (interface only and then interface connected to the vehicle)
Another solution:…sCloud_Win.exe
For my part I just received my SSD I tried to install XP SP3 and W 10 64 Pro 64.


Windows XP:

1.V7. 57 and the same from 7.02 to 7.57, whereas under xp my vci is very well recognized with the firm nlc and up to date in 4.3.0 xp pack 3 it’s good

3. Lexia and Diagbox version 7.02, for this version xp is enough. I think Lexia does not work with Windaube 10×64 ….


Attach Diagbox 9.23 images:

diagbox-9.23-download-1 diagbox-9.23-download-2 diagbox-9.23-download-3