Mercedes FBS4 Cluster Calibration with CG100 and Can filter

CGDI MB is able to correct mileage for Mercedes W205 W222 W47 FBS4 via OBD and on Bench, the whole process is about 30 minutes. What about CG100? Yes, it can correct mileage for Mercedes Benz FBS4 too by working together with MB Can Filter, take Mercedes GL400 X166 2014 V6 for example.

Look at the vehicle:

Mercedes GL400 4Matic SUV US Model
Engine type: 276 821
Seats: 7
Built date 2014/09
6V 3.0L


CG100 Prog III universal programmer

35080 eeprom adapter (the adapter is included in cg100 package)

MB CAN Filter for X166

Here we go for procedure.

  1. Old mileage value: 151415Km (Write download or take a picture it. )

  1. Remove the dashboard module

Actually, mileage correction job is no need to dismantle so many parts shown as below. The cluster NO. A1669007713.

  1. Disassemble cluster

You don’t need to pull out the needle when disassembling the meter, but pay special attention to the display in the middle, take it out slowly, and don’t push the fingerprint on it.

  1. EEPROM IC chip 95640

  1. Cluster mileage on CG100

Choose “Instrument” function, choose European cars- Benz – GL Series X166 – 2012-2015 95640 (CAN Filter)

  1. Data recovery procedure

When we remove the mileage storage chip, clean it up and clamp it in the adapter, click “Start”, and follow the software prompts to operate, read the data-save the data-enter the mileage value-modify the data, wizard-style process, humanized design , No need to worry about the algorithm.

Desolder the 95460 chip and solder it into the 35080 EEPROM adapter
Connect the 35080 adapter with CG100, then connect cg with computer via 12V power adapter and USB cable.

Click on “Read”.

Read data success and save data.

Press Write
CG100 calculates current mileage. If the mileage data is invalid or incorrect, quit operation. Contact CG technician to verify before operation.

Original mileage is 151415Km, CG100 reads 151392km. It is not 100% matched. It does not matter.

Manually enter mileage you desired and press Yes to change KM

Writing data
Write data success, verifying data

Change km success. Reinstall cluster.

  1. Install MB Can Filter

The data is successfully modified, please soldered back the chip, restore the meter to its original state, and install Can Filter. (you can choose to buy from a reputable manufacturer on the market).

  1. Install the cluster back to the vehicle

Reinstall instrument cluster back to the vehicle. Driver car for miles, clear DTC if there is a fault code indicator on the dash.

Check the mileage after correction.

Alright, job is done!

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