MB SD Connect 4 local and administration parameter settings

Most users have problem with MB SD connect4 local area connections settings and configuration settings. In the following parts, I will show you how to do these settings.


Step one: set SD connect 4 local area connection Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties

IP address as:

subnet mask:


Step two: SD connect4 configuration change

Click “configuration” then a windows named “Warning” apears, says “Caution! Changing the configuration can impair the fault-free functioning of the system. Do you want to change the configuration?

Select “Yes”


Step three: SD connect4 MUX register configure setting

Click “MUX” button, then in the multiple choice box, please click “Register/Configure”


Step four: Select the name for SDCONNECT

Select the name for SDCONNECT as 4


Step five: SD connect4 WLAN parameter road setting

Set WLAN parameters, Road including: ID address, Network screen, SSID (network name), Encryption, key/

ID address:

Network screen:

SSID (network name): Road24h

Encryption: WEP/Hex



Step six: Sdconnect toolkit device configuration

SDconnect Toolkit administration information conclusion including:

General information, WLAN conficuration, LAN configuration


Watch video on MB SD Connect Compact 4 local area connection and administration parameter settings at:



Or directly browse


then selects column “Video” to watch how to set SDconnect 4 local area connection and administration parameter.