Lonsdor K518 & L-JCD Path Cord Program Key for Dodge Journey 2018-

This instruction show you guide on how to use Lonsdor K518 and Lonsdor L-JCD cable to program key for Dodge Journey 2018-.



1.Add key: program and add one key.

2.Delete key: delete the programmed keys.

3.Read PIN code: read car’s PIN code.


Program process:

Add key or all key lost: read PIN code-> add key.

Delete key: read PIN code-> delete key.



1.4-Bit of PIN is required when adding/deleting keys.

2.Click blue texts to view more operation process.

3.Enable to program smart key of Journey(2018-), you need to use a Lonsdor L-JCD patch cord to connect K518 with car before program.


Add smart key

1.Turn ignition off, turn on the HAZARD lights.

2.Input 4-bit PIN code.

3.In 30s put the smart key(to be programmed) close to car start button, and press the unlock button once.

4.Program completed.


Delete smart key

1.This function will delete all the registered keys.

2.Input 4-bit PIN code.

3.Configuring… deleting completed.


Read PIN code

1.Start to read PIN code.

2.Trying yo read PIN…

3.PIN reading completed.

*Please note: this device supports [program smart key] for Journey(2018-), you need to use a L-JCD patch chord to connect K518 with car OBD before program.

1.Find the wiring position at the bottom left under steering wheel.


2.Connect a L-JCD patch chord in the wiring position as shown below.


3.Then use the L-JCD patch chord to connect car OBD with K518’s OBD port.



Delete key: this function will delete all the registered keys.