Launch X431 IMMO Plus/Elite Clone VW/AUDI ME17.5.22 Engine Computer

VW/AUDI ME17.5.22 engine computer can be cloned by Launch X431 IMMO Plus/X431 IMMO Elite with DBSCar VII VCI Connector and X-Prog3 programmer.

The ECU may be damaged due to erratic reading and writing data of Bluetooth or WiFi in bench mode, so you’d better use USB to connect the device and connector to improve communication stability.

Turn on X431 IMMO Tablet and select “IMMO Prog” function

Connect X-431 IMMO Plus or IMMO Elite programmer and DBScar VCI Connector simultaneously

Select IMMO Prog V10.65>>MED17/EDC17/ME17 Series>> TC1724

Input engine type (ME17.5.22)

The main control chip corresponding to the current engine type TC1724

Start to perform the main steps below.

Step 1: View Wiring Diagram

Follow the wiring diagram to connect X431 X-Prog3 and the original engine computer, and also power the device on.

Step 2: Read Chip ID

Read chip ID successfully

Step 3: Backup EEPROM Data

Read the original EEPROM data and then save it

Step 4: Backup FLASH Data

Read the original FLASH data and then save it

Connect Launch X431 IMMO device to the new engine computer

Step 5: Restore EEPROM Data

Select the original eeprom data to write.

Step 6: Restore FLASH Data

Select the original FLASH data to write.

Both EEPROM and Flash data are written into ME17.5.22 engine computer successfully.

Besides Launch X431 IMMO programmers, other Launch tools such as X-431 ECU & TCU Programmer, X431 X-Prog3 PC Adapter (need X-PROG3), X431 PAD VII, PAD V, PROS Anti-theft matching tool and other diagnostic devices + X-Prog 3 GIII programmer also can clone ME17.5.22 engine computer perfectly.