VNCI 6154A Newest VW Software Free Download, Activate and Install

Here shares the newest VW software download link, activation and installation guide for VAS6154 genuine devices and multi J2534 Passthru incl. VNCI 6154A, VXDIAG VCX SE 6154Godiag J2534, SVCI 6154, Xhorse MVCI Pro, Autel MaxiFlash JVCI, JVCI+, MaxiFlash Elite, MaxiVCI V200, Openport 2.0, etc.

1.Free download VAG VW Audi Skoda Seat ODIS Offboard Diagnostic Service software V23.01

Free download VAG VW Audi Skoda Seat ODIS Engineering software V17.0

Keygens are not included.

You also can get a U disk containing both ODIS-E V17 and ODIS-S V23:

*We provide 1 time free activation by keygen.

2.Software Information:

  • Release name: Offboard Diagnostic Information System Service v23
  • Type of Software: Diagnostic
  • Capacity: about 18.1 GB
  • Version: ODIS-S 230001.105.130
  • Vehicle Connection:

+ Version of ECF: 57.6.2

+ Version of VW-MCD: 20.0.0

+ Version of VW D-PDU API: 3.0.0

  • PostSetup: 0105_9-20230612
  • License: Included License Standalone and License for all brand
  • Brand: VAG (Audi, Bentley, Bugati, FAW-Volkswagen, Lamborghini, MAN, Seatm Volkswagen, Skoda)
  • Region: All regions
  • Language: English

3.Related test report by engineer:

Product Vehicle tested ECU model Protocol ODIS S 11 ODIS S 23.0.1 ODIS E 17.01 Remark
VNCI 6154A (SP447)


GODIAG GD101 J2534 (SP421-B)





2007 AUDI A6 MED9.1 KWP2000
2005 VW Caddy EDC16U1 KWP2000
2007 VW Passat CAN BUS
2017 VW Passat SIMOS 18.3 CAN BUS
2008 Audi A6 SIMOS 6.22A CAN BUS
2008 VW Passat MED17.5 CAN BUS X (XHORSE MVCI supports full system diagnosis, VXDIAG VW/VNCI 6154A/ Godiag J2534 don’t support, only support OBD scan) X431 V/Vident ieasy 310 pro test OK
2008 AUDI A6 SIMOS 8.10 CAN BUS X X X431 V test OK

4.Operating system requirement:

  • Windows 10 (ODIS Service 23.0.1 and ODIS- E V17 work only on Windows 10 or more)
  • Installed libraries (DLL) for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010: vcredist_x86.exe
  • Installed Visual C++ Redistributable x86 for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010: vcredist_x86.exe

Internet Explorer 11.0

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 11 or Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
  • Font Arial Unicode MS Regular
  • CPU minimum 2GHz recommended
  • RAM >= 4 GB
  • Free hard disk storage > 40 GB, standard file system NTFS
  • The software uses standard windows installation paths

5.Step-by-step to install ODIS-S V23 software:

Step 1: Install ODIS-S V23 Setup

Open ODIS-S 23.01 folder

Open OffboardDiagSetup-Service-23_0_1 folder

Extract OffboardDiagSetup-Service_VWMCD_23_0_1.rar

Install ODIS-S setup

Select setup language

Wait until the setup installation is completed

Step 2: Activate ODIS-S 23

Open 2.Patch& License folder

Copy all files from patch folder and paste them to Win11ProW X64/Program Files/OS folder

Run OffboardDiagnostic on desktop as administrator

It will ask for an activation key

Send the hardware ID to, we will send you back the activation key, press Register

Step 3: Install PostSetup

Open 3.ODIS-Service_update_23_0_1 folder

Open ODIS-Service_update-23_0_1-EU_20230711 file with Winrar

Create a new folder to E and extract file to disk E

In PostSetup select from file:/E:/ODIS-Service_update_23_0_1_EU_20230711 folder

press Next (don’t need to input user name and password)

Select PostSetup language

Wait until postsetup installation finished

Step 4: Copy license

Copy the “license Standalone” folder to C:/ProgramData/OS

Copy shortcut icon in the “Desktop” folder to desktop

Step 5: Install Driver

Open 5.Driver folder

Install the driver for the corresponding device.

For example, install VX Manager driver for VXDIAG VCX SE 6154

Connect the device with the laptop via USB

Check if the device is well connected in the Device Manager

Run VX Manager, check device is detected

Install or update 6154 driver

Step 6:

Run the corresponding software icon on desktop

6.Step-by-step to install ODIS E V17:

Step 1: Install ODIS-E V17 Setup

Open ODIS-E 17.0.1 folder

Open ODIS-Engineering_17_0_1 folder

Run OffboardDiagSetup-Engineering-17_0_1

Select Setup language

Press Next

Select diagnostic interface as VAS 6154 and press Next

Then software will ask license for activation

Open license.dat from ODIS-E 17.0.1/Patch & License folder

Select Create folder in the start menu and create shortcuts for all users

Installing Setup until finished

Step 2: Activate ODIS-E

Run Patch & License folder, open 17.0.1 patch folder

Copy all three files from 17.0.1 patch folder and paste to Win11ProW X64/Program Files/OE folder

Send OffboardDiagLauncher_protected from Win11ProW X64/Program Files/OE to desktop

Rename OffboardDiagLauncher_protected desktop shortcut as ODIS E 17.01 and run it

ODIS-E will ask for an activation key

Send the hardware ID to  engineer and we will send you back the activation key

Input the activation key and press Register

Step 3: Install PostSetup

Open PostSetup_202300619.iso on ODIS-E 17.0.1 folder as Winrar file

Extract PostSetup 202300619 file to Disk E

In ODIS-E 17.01 if we select file location to E:/ODIS_Engineering, it says no valid software configuration.

We do this.

Create a new ODIS Engineer 17.01 folder on disk E, copy ODIS Engineering folder to this new folder.

Select local directory as file:E:/ODIS_Engineering 17.01/, it should be fine.

Select PostSetup language

Wait until postsetup installation finished

Restart the operating system

Step 4: Exact VWMCD

Unzip VWMCD file in 4.VWMCD folder

and extract to C:/ProgramData/OE/MCD-projects-E/VWMCD folder

Step 5: Install Driver

The U disk contains both ODIS-S and ODIS-E software. Drivers are in the ODIS-S 23.0.1 folder.

Install the corresponding driver

If already installed driver for ODIS-S, don’t need to install the same driver for ODIS-E again.

Step 6: Run ODIS-E 17

Run ODIS-E 17.01 on desktop

Software is ready to use.