How to Read/Write Delphi ECU DCM3.5 by CG FC-200

I have a 2012 Jeep Compass 2.2 diesel ECU with DCM 3.5. Actually it’s from Mercedes company 2.2 diesel, similar with CRD2. It’s 136 horsepower. It can’t be read via OBD or on bench, but it can be read/written with CG FC-200 ECU programmer in boot mode.

Connect FC200 to a PC and run software

The ECU model cannot be found in Jeep option

Select Mercedes>> DELPHI CRD2.X MPC556X>> Boot

Check the wiring diagram

Open ECU shell, and then connect FC200 programmer to ECU according to the wiring diagram

Held the brown cable to GPT-0 point in boot mode

Start to perform the related operation

Connect ECU successfully

Read and back up the original PFlash and ExtEEPROM in sequence

After that, load file to write only the difference between the original and what I modified

Write data successfully

CG FC-200 makes an excellent job on Delphi ECU DCM3.5.