Launch X431 IMMO PAD Tutorials: add new key for Honda City

Launch X431 IMMO PAD Tutorial: Honda City 2013 Add New Key

Firstly, learn what is X431 IMMO Pad, it is an all-in-one key programming & advanced diagnostic tool which new released by Launch X431 Brand. It is packed with X431 IMMO Pad tablet, X-prog 3, Smartlink C VCI.

Hook X431 IMMO PAD up Honda City 2013, turn on ignition with the original key.

And test the new key cannot start the car.

Select “IMMO” on the home of X431 IMMO PAD.

Select “Asian” and then “Honda”, then “OK”, the page will list all the Honda models it covers.

Click on “OK”.

Connecting the VCI in Wifi mode… (check the immo system either normal or not).

Select “Anti-theft system detection”.

Select “Health Report”.

Read Notes: the engine is not running. The ignition should be on but the engine should not be running, click on “OK”.

After system scanning 100%, no fault code with immobilizer.

Click on “Enter” (Immobilizer).

Select “Immobilizer Setup” and read the notes to follow.

Select “Immobilizer Info”.

Select “System Check”.

After communicated, it shows the system is normal, proceed to add key .

Select “Key Number”, it shows “1 keys are registered in the ECM/PCM”.

Select “Keys”, then “Add 1 key”.

Follow the on-screen guide to turn on or off the ignition until you can see “The registration of keys has been completed”.

Check all keys to ensure each will start the engine.

Job is done.

There are 2 keys are registered in the ECM/PCM.

Alright, this is how to add new key for Honda City 2013 using X431 IMMO PAD (packed with IMMO PAD Tablet, Xprog3, Smartlink C VCI) .