Launch X431 IMMO Elite Mercedes Benz W204 AKL Anti-theft Key Matching

How to use Launch X431 IMMO Elite to do all keys lost anti-theft key matching on Mercedes Benz W204?

It can quickly calcaute password to do anti-theft key matching on the platform.

Kindly notice:

This function requires network connection. Keep the network connected all the time.

Connect X-431 IMMO Elite device, X-431 Xprog3 Programmer, and Benz IR Key Simulator (inside the device package) in sequence.

Operate strictly according to the prompt. Do not disconnect in the process.

X431 IMMO Elite and Benz W204 connection diagram

1.Anti-Theft Password Reading 

Select IMMO>> European>> MERCEDES- BENZ>> MERCEDES- BENZ V10.15 (newest version)>> Anti-Theft Password Reading>> (Quick) Calculate Password By Losing All Keys>> Operation On The Platform>> Wiring Diagram>> W204

The function can only be used with X431 MCU3 Adapter. If it’s fitted with XPROG3-MCU3-V1.0, connect K1 and K2 with wire on the back of MCU3.

Then select W204

It’s recommended that the communication connnector be connected in wired mode to speed up password calculation.

Confirm the EIS has disconnected with the ELV

Insert Benz IR Key Simulator into the EIS. If it is already inserted, pull out and then insert again.

Collecting password calculation data…

It takes about 5-10 minutes, keep patient and wait until the process is completed.

Calculate key password successfully

Back up the module data contaning key password

2.Anti-theft Key Matching

Select Anti-theft Key Matching, and then perform the following functions in sequence.

Read Key Data>> Generate BE Key File>> Write Key File

Step 1: Read Key Data

Insert the blank key into the hole of X431 Xprog3 Programmer IR key

Read the key data successfully

Step 2: Generate BE Key File

Choose the module data file just saved, and input the 16-digit password of the key, select one key unused (i.e. key 8) to generate

Generate key file successfully

Step 3: Write Key File

Insert the blank BE key into the hole of programmer IR key

Choose the BE key file just saved to write

Write the key file successfully

Finally, insert the BE key into the EIS to check if the key can start the vehicle and the function of remote control is normal or not.

Alright! That’s the whole operation process to do Mercedes-Benz W204 all keys lost anti-theft key matching with Launch X-431 IMMO Elite Key Programmer.