VVDI2 Program Immo Data and Swap Cluster for Skoda Octavia

How to use Xhorse VVDI2 Key Programmer to swap cluster to bigger screen & transfer Immo data on a Skoda Octavia car?

Step 1.Read and Back up EEPROM & IMMO data of original cluster

Connect VVDI2 programmer to the vehicle and computer correctly

Run VVDI2 software

Select SKODA>> Key Learn>> 4th Immobilizer system VW/Skoda/Seat>> Instrument with Micronas CDC3217/3297/3272+24C32

First, read EEPROM/Flash

Save the original data after reading.

Then, read Immo data

Save the original Immo data after reading as well.

Step 2.Read and Back up EEPROM & IMMO data of new cluster

Install a new instrument with bigger screen into the vehicle, then use VVDI2 key programmer to connect

Use the same steps as step 1 to read and backup EEPROM/Flash and IMMO data in sequence

Step 3.Write original Immo data to new cluster

Load the original immo data file to write

Write data successfully.

Reset instrument with VVDI2 after all operation is finished.

Finally, start the car, running good!