Launch CReader 9081 Good to reset ABS SRS Oil EPB BMS SAS DPF

Are you searching for a DIY scanner to do most special functions and not so expensive beyond budget? Here is a good choice: Launch CReader 9081, it can do daily diagnosis and reset more than ABS SRS Oil EPB BMS SAS DPF!


Part I. Launch CR9081 Function

Part II. Demonstration: Reset GM Chevrolet Oil Change Light by Launch CR9081

Know all Launch CR9081 Functions: OBD Diagnosis + Special functions


  1. OBD full functions

Read dynamic data streams and MIL

Read readiness status

Query freeze frame data

Read current DTCs

Clear DTCs

O2 sensor test

On-board monitor test

Read pending DTCs

On-board system or component control

Read vehicle information

Read permanent DTCs


  1. Special functions

Oil reset, EPB reset, BMS reset, SAS reset, DPF reset, TPMS reset, Throttle matching, ABS brake bleeding, Key learning, Anti-theft matching, Injector programming


  1. Other features

Query DTCs

PC internet update

Multilingual support

Print data via PC


How use Launch CR9081 DIY Scanner to reset GM Chevrolet Oil Change Light?


Connect Launch CR9081 with car OBD port and turn car ignition on.


Choose “Diagnose”, go to “Reset” function then choose “Oil Lamp Reset” and “GM”.


You have two available modes to reset oil:

  1. Manual reset
  2. Software reset


For manual reset, you should go to choose the specific model then continue.


For software reset, you can just select “Automatic scan”.


Follow the tips: Stop vehicle, stop engine and turn ignition on.

And Launch CR9081 will first read current engine oil life value exactly: 70%.


Now you just need to input new engine oil life value 0 to 100, for newly changed oil, input 100.

launch-cr9081-reset-chevrolet-oil-change-light-8 launch-cr9081-reset-chevrolet-oil-change-light-9


Launch CR9081 easily reset oil for Chevrolet! Now 100% oil life remaining!

launch-cr9081-reset-chevrolet-oil-change-light-9 launch-cr9081-reset-chevrolet-oil-change-light-10