How to repair BMW 328xi E90 window regulator by Autel MS908P?

The story is that: a 2006 BMW 328xi E90 rear right window was not working, replaced window regulator but it was stuck not all the way up and down. Used Autel MS908P to repair window regulator OK! So share this success case here.

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How Autel MS908P initialize BMW window regulator, reset BMW auto window?

Plug the J2534 ECU Programming Device into car OBD port. Then you can use it to connect Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P with car via Wi-Fi.


Click “Diagnostics” and choose “BMW”.

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Or you can directly click the VIN button at left upper corner, choose “Auto detect” and it will read VIN automatically and show vehicle information.

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Now you need to connect car with power charger over 12V. Then put remote key into key slot and press car Start button.


Then go to “Hot Function”.


Choose “Window, door and roof” then “Initialize window regulators” function.

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Follow the tips “Switch on terminal 15 (ignition)”, keep remote key in key slot and do not press the brake pedal, press car Start button to turn ignition to terminal 15.

Choose to initialize the “Passenger’s side, rear” window regulator.


The rear right window will automatically open and close.

After that you can roll up and down that window normally.

Autel MS908 Pro successfully initialize BMW 328xi E90 rear right window regulator! BMW auto window reset OK!