JMD Handy Baby King Chip for 46 4C 4D T5 G and 13 chips in total

JMD handy baby king chip is a 13-in-1 chip working as 13, T5 glass, T5,G, 4D60 (80bit),  4D60 (40bit), 4D60 glass, 4C glass, 4C, 4D63 (40 bit), 4D63 (80 bit), 4D64, PCF7936 etc.



Support using repeatedly without problem!

Copy and program key by OBD without problem!

Program new keys when all keys lost working with any OBD device.

Be rewritable!

46 mode can acquire data


The below pictures can’t be more clear to explain what I mean above.

jmd-handy-bady-king-chip jmd-handy-bady-king-chip-02




Where to have JMD Handy Baby King Chip?  


5pcs/lot $31.99 free shipping.



Guess you are interested in ID48 Chip JMD48 for JMD Hand-held, see picture below.


10pcs/lot $35.99 free shipping: