Jaguar XF / Sportsbrake 2015 scan recalibrating modules, Pathfinder YES SDD NO

Have Jaguar XF and Sportsbrake 2015 and later to scan and program, like recalibrating modules etc, any SDD replacement?

Yes there is, it’s called JLR Pathfinder, it’s very expensive though as you’ll need the hardware, a topix subscription and a laptop to put it on. The pathfinder hardware alone is $1,299.

Here you go:




Cost effective options:

Options 1. JLR DoIP VCI SDD Pathfinder Interface(with software): $599



  1. The software is contained in the package, not sold separately. like EXML editor and VBF file edit etc.
  2. Download the new version of the software and install it for update .

JLR Pathfinder installation:  (Free activation)

  1. Can purchase JLR DoiP VCI from the above link and register online with JLR topics to do online programming.
  2. Covers 2015 and later Jaguars; Covers 2015 and the early Jaguars.


Options 2: STIC SVCI DoIP JLR Pathfinder ($538)



Wins in:

1). Jaguar after 2005 year diagnosis (Automatic scan to Read VIN, Read DTC, Read simple data stream, Read multiply data stream)

2). ECU refresh & ECU configuration

2). Offer free online account for repairing, key matching without circuit diagram, maintenance information etc.



3). SDD for CAN BUS models 2005 – 2016 year

Pathfinder for JLR after 2017 year





WIN7 WIN8 WIN10 32bit 64bit


Read: STIC SVCI DoIP JLR Pathfinder user manual

Content: Coverage, how to use, how to download and install the software, how to connect the device and vehicle, update etc.



Option 3: VXDIAG VCX DoIP Jaguar Pathfinder ($579)




JLR SDD V153 Software


  1. All Jaguar models work

Jaguar 1999-2017
X260, X150, X250, X350, X152, X351, X760, X100, X761, X400, X202

Land Rover 2005-2017
L538C, L319, L494, L550, L320, L322, L538JV, L359, L405, L316


  1. Basic diagnosis on all system: Yes

vxdiag-vcx-doip-jaguar-pathfinder-08 vxdiag-vcx-doip-jaguar-pathfinder-09


  1. Online programming: Yes (But no offer the online account and password)



More users prefer JLR DoIP VCI SDD Pathfinder Interface (599usd) to the other options, which one you like, it depends on your preference and budget.