Free download VVDI Pro Bosch ECU adapter for BMW VW wiring diagram

This article is available with VVDI Pro Bosch ECU adapter wiring diagram (for BMW & VW).

The (ADAPTER) in the following parts means Bosch ECU adapter, with it vvdi pro can read BMW ECU N20 N55 B38 ISN without opening the ECU.


1.Free download VVDI Pro 4.8.6!Po5XBYBJ!ohwyr2AxAW-FF1nxZXnRQdHHoNjv7L4oLekAxuTxN80

Password: 123456


2.Double click on “VVDIProg.4.8.6.exe”.


3.Select “Type 10 Bosch ECU adapter” -> “BMW “.


4.Select any chip, then “Connection Diagram” to view.


Wiring diagram for MEVD17_2_3(B38)(ADAPTER),MEVD17_2_K(B38)(ADAPTER):


Wiring diagram for MEVD17.2.4_Exx(N20)(ADAPTER),

MEVD17.2.4_Fxx(N20)(ADAPTER),EVD17.2.9_Fxx(N20)(ADAPTER),MEVD17.2.9_Exx(N20)(ADAPTER), MEVD17.2.P_Fxx(N20)(ADAPTER), MEVD17.2.5(ADAPTER), MEVD17.2.8(ADAPTER),



Wiring diagram for MEVD17.2_Fxx(N55)(ADAPTER), EVD17.2.G(N55)(ADAPTER),

EVD17.2.6(N55)(ADAPTER) .


5.Select “Type 10 Bosch ECU adapter” -> “Volkswagen “.


Wiring diagram for Volkswagen ECU ME17.5.22(TC1724).


Wiring diagram for Volkswagen ECU MED17.5.25(TC1782).