INPA, Veepeak or Carly, which Scanner better for BMW E87?d

I’ve tried looming around for the best scanner to diagnose my BMW E87 and I found many software and adapters. I want to do some basic diagnostic like scanning codes and clearing codes and also want to reset my airbag light as well. I would like to get the cheapest and best one so ask experienced friends on the forum, hope to get some useful opinions.


Difference in price:

*Veepeak wifi mini obd2 17$ with some other app can do almost all the basic stuff except for the airbag reset.

However Carly adapter 77$ with their app 44$ can do all the basic stuff and also reset airbag.

INPA K+CAN Full diagnostic for BMW only 13.99$ at,


Forum members suggestions:

*A much cheaper and basically has all the coding functions is INPA. The only problem is that even though INPA can do all basic stuff that you need but it seems complicate to operate than other scanners.


*INPA full diagnostic for BMW is excellent software, though some limited release models tend not to be covered but it works well on E-series cars. In short, INPA is cost-effective for economic nervous people.


* Inpa is the best for diagnosis of BMW cars because it is made for bmw. Sure that it is possible to access all units and that the faults are displayed correctly. Also you can get the cables for the older models very cheap and the software even for free in the Internet.

The negative aspect is that it requires a computer and will not work on smartphones. Not much convenient.


*INPA is an excellent product, but does not have full model/variant coverage and being a factory product can be difficult to keep updated.


I assume that people focus on their own model, so INPA is for me the best regarding price and functionality if you only need it for your own model or a (small) range of models.