HUMZOR NexzDAS Pro Network Connection Error Solution and APK File Installation

I cannot activate HUMZOR  NexzDAS Pro 10 “Tablet. The program does not connect to the internet, I tested on all tablets. The app is corrupted.


How to solve the problem?

Answer: Re-install HUMZOR NEXZDAS APK 

HUMZOR NEXZDAS APK File Installation Instructions:

1.Download the APK file to the computer desktop or any folder

Download Link:

2.Debug the tablet to Developer options

nexadas-3 nexadas-2 nexzdas-1

Note: Click here several times in succession, until it prompts that have entered the developer options

3.Open the USB debugging

nexadas-5 nexadas-4

4.Connect the tablet and the computer via a data cable, and select Media file transfer

nexadas-7 nexadas-6

5.Find this mobile device in My Computer


6.Copy and move the APK file on the desktop to this device

7.Copy completes, unplug the data cable, and find the APK file from the tablet’s Files to install it

nexadas-14 nexadas-13 nexadas-12 nexadas-11 nexadas-10 nexadas-9

APK installation completes.