How to use Xtool Advancer AD10 OBDII Scanner

Xtool Advancer AD10 OBDII scanner is a pocket OBDII 16pin diagnostic adapter, it does not come with the USB cable, you can take it with you anytime and anywhere.  Download and install the Xtool AD10 software in the mobile application, turn on the GPS location, and connect to Bluetooth. It can automatically identify the vehicle information, scan engine, car body, electronical system, chassis, and then read out the fault code with the explanation to help you easily understand the cause of issue. Xtool Advancer AD10 will cover all functions of ELM327, Vgate Icar2, and it also adds some more functions such as MIL condition monitoring, smoke status test etc. It also supports 0-60 miles acceleration test, PK & share functions, personalized instrumentation, add HUD function (install APP software on the car computer, which is convenient for the driver. )


For the vehicle coverage, generally speaking it will work with the vehicles after 1996 year with OBDII protocol.


So how to use Xtool Advancer AD10 OBDII scanner? engineer took a video for your reference.


  1. Download and install the Xtool AD10 software in the mobile application(for Android: Google play, for IOS: App Store, or scan the QR code on the user manual)

  1. Xtool Advancer software is ready to use, plug the AD10 adapter into the 16pin port of the vehicle, and you will see its indicator flashes.

  1. The Advancer app prompts to turn on the GPS location, tap “Yes”, meanwhile turn on the Bluetooth.

  1. When the newest software is available, it will pop up “Software Update”, tap “Yes” to update.

  1. Okay, you will see “Successfully connected to the vehicle OBD system”.

  1. Look, this is the function menu, including: vehicle diagnostic, dashboard, trip, performance test, leaderboard, DIY mode.

Tap “Vehicle diagnostic” first.

Tap “Start scanning” and it will automatically scan  engine, car body, electronical system, chassis.

Okay, it fault codes is read out, click on “Fault Details” for the list.

  1. Back to the home, tap “DIY mode”, then “Fault Code inquiry”, then “Control system”, and have the fault codes list with explanation.

Well, Xtool Advancer AD10 can not only perform diagnosis (as I said in the first paragraph above), how deep it will do, it’s up to you to try and explore.

Take one user’s experience for example, let me paste our dialogue below, so it’s more real.

Question: Hi there, Xtool AD10 ELM327 Advancer OBD2 Diagnostic

Scanner received yesterday… Thanks

Since yesterday I’ll try to connect with my android player but it can’t… Do u know why? engineer replied:

Are the Bluetooth and GPS location of the mobile phone turned on? Can the Bluetooth signal of AD10 be searched? Is the AD10 Bluetooth light on?


Yes the Bluetooth is ON & searching the device but cannot get the signal from the AD10 Bluetooth… the AD10 only blinking the lights a few time after installation then disappeared engineer replied:

I will take a video of AD10 use later for your reference ( the video is uploaded above).

So, any question on Xtool Advancer AD10, contact at uobdii.