How to use Xhorse Key Tool Plus Tablet Programmer

Now, let’s introduce how to use Xhorse Key Tool Plus tablet Programmer, its hardware and some of its adapter configurations. First of all, let’s take a look at its programmer and some configurations of the remote programming cable.


First of all, let’s take a look at this extension cable, we just plug it into the DB15 port of the tablet. and another end to some adapters that do not need to be dismantled, so that you can read and write some CPU and Engine computer.


Then the adapter for reading some traditional 8-feet chips.

When connected with the extension cable, this adapter is directly connected to the other end of the extension cable for data reading and writing.

On the tablet, please enter “Prog” option to read and write.

how-to-use-xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-plus-03 how-to-use-xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-plus-04

And this thin cable is used for remote programming.

We can use this wire for programming some wired remote.

On the tablet, please enter “Remote Program” option.


Then let’s take a look at its OBD main cable for immo programming.

This is its main cable, and it comes with 3 adapters including Kia 20pin, Honda 3 pin, Kia 10 pin.

On the tablet, please enter “Immo Programming”. There are Brand area options: China, Asia, Europe, North America.


Well, let’s take a look at its Mercedes-Benz adapter.

It has the original function of our Mercedes-Benz MB.

On the tablet, please enter “Immo Programming”  ->” Europe” -> Mercedes-Benz -> By system -> Read key, read EIS, generate file etc ( Share as the same function as that of VVDI MB)

how-to-use-xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-plus-08 how-to-use-xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-plus-09 how-to-use-xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-plus-10

Then the infrared recognition window is located at the top of the table “Infrared (IR) remote port for Benz”, we also plug the adapter in this port when we collect data.

This is the infrared adapter used to collect his data.

how-to-use-xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-plus-11 how-to-use-xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-plus-12

Look at the 3 adapters of NEC chips.

The ordinary 51 version, 57 version; 03,08,06 smart version.
These adapters are specifically used to read and write the original factory.


Finally there is a charging head.

Look at this charging head, it is connected to the front of the tablet to charge.


All right, these are VVDI Key Plus Tablet basic configuration.

so the full-featured VVDI Key Plus Tablet with basic configuration can basically meet our daily work.


Actually, this tablet will have some optional adapters, such as Land Rover, BMW, Volvo adapters. You can buy its optional adapters according to your needs.

For the OBD, in the future, there may be a special Chrysler Jeep plug. It is also an optional.

If you will deal with these kind of cars, please contact at as you like.

For the Mercedes-Benz, the tablet allows the user to have some ELV unlocks except the basic configuration.

If you need more add-up functions, or some adapters for new models, welcome you follow our official site,  we will push new information in time, thank you.