Autel AP200 read DTCs for Malibu 2.0 Premier 2017

I got a fancy scan tool (Autel MaxiAP AP200 Bluetooth OBD2 Code Reader) that shows these codes on my Malibu 2.0 Premier:

Electronic brake control module fault

Active safety control module fault

Instrument cluster fault

Parking assist control module fault

Body control module fault



autel-ap200-read-dtcs-for-malibu-2.0-premier-2017-01 autel-ap200-read-dtcs-for-malibu-2.0-premier-2017-02 autel-ap200-read-dtcs-for-malibu-2.0-premier-2017-03

What do the above fault codes mean? What should I do?

It looks like U0151 and U0269 are not current, just in history. U0420 can happen during a remote start and there is a bulletin for it. Are you experiencing any problems with these systems? If not, I’d clear them and see if they return. If you have a warning light on or are getting problems don’t clear and take it in or get advice from others.


There are no warning lights. I cleared them all let’s see what happens. I got Autel AP200, It’s amazing for $60. It has one free generic code reader, but You need to pay $15 extra for each software. I got the GM software downloaded. It shows you all the information. I also got Mercedes Benz software for my wife. I was able to reset her airbag light with it.

U codes are data stream issues. I’ve found they can be random. If consistent usually a module P , B , etc. code failure will also be set. I think they come from spikes in the system as I’ve seen them random in my fleet. I get interior light codes from putting in LED’s in the dome lights.