How to use OBDSTAR ET- 108 ET108 USB Inspection Camera (with Pictures)?

OBDSTAR ET- 108 purpose is to check the inner car situation which can’t reached by human eyes, so it plays an important role in engine clean and maintenance.


It is very easy to use by following OBDSTAR ET- 108 Video and user guide.
Youtube Video on how to use OBDSTAR ET- 108 USB Inspection Camera:

Works OK on:
OK on Other brands of device? The answer is OBDSTAR engineer is working hard to sort it out.
Works alone? the answer is yes but it in the coming days, the engineers are testing.

Simply, there are only 3 steps to use OBDSTAR ET- 108 on X300 DP and DP PAD:
1. To update X300 DP or X300 PRO3, after complete update, you will find a new option “Endoscope” (Shown as below picture)
x300 dp endoscope

2. Click “Yes” to download software.
3. Plug the USB of OBDSTAR ET108 into the X300 DP or X300 PRO3 Key Master (there is a USB port  above the Tablet).

Engineer test OBDSTAR ET- 108 (with many pictures)
how-to-use-obdstar-et108-01 how-to-use-obdstar-et108-02 how-to-use-obdstar-et108-03 how-to-use-obdstar-et108-04 how-to-use-obdstar-et108-05 how-to-use-obdstar-et108-06 how-to-use-obdstar-et108-07 how-to-use-obdstar-et108-08 how-to-use-obdstar-et108-09