How to use New Arrival XTOOL X-100 C iOS Android Key Programmer?

This is a user guide for new arrival XTOOL X-100 C iOS Android Key Programmer. You can learn how to use XTOOL X100 C from following parts: Activation, Bluetooth, Pin Code Reading and Key Programming.




First Download XTOOL X-100 C software form Google Play or Apple Store


How to activate Xtool X-100 C Auto Key Programmer for Ford, Mazda, Peugeot and Citroen?

Before you use XTOOL X100 C to program keys, you should first complete activation. Open the app, click the “Activation” icon and input the serial number then press “Activate”.

xtool-x100-c-user-guide-activation-1 xtool-x100-c-user-guide-activation-2

How to connect XTOOL X100 C with Android or iPhone device via Bluetooth?

Click “Setting” icon then choose “Bluetooth” to open.


Find your iPhone or Android device Setting, open Bluetooth function then choose “X100C-10034” to connect.



How to use XTOOL X100 C read pin code and program key for Ford, Mazda, Peugeot and Citroen?

Set Ford Focus 2007 as an example:

XTOOL X100 C read pin code: Click “Immobilization” icon, choose “Ford”→ “Pincode Calculate”

xtool-x100-c-user-guide-read-ford-focus-pin-code-5 xtool-x100-c-user-guide-read-ford-focus-pin-code-6


XTOOL X100 C program key: Click “Immobilization” icon, choose “Ford”→ “USA Ford” → “Immobilizer” → “Focus” → “2005-2007”.

xtool-x100-c-user-guide-program-ford-focus-key-7 xtool-x100-c-user-guide-program-ford-focus-key-8 xtool-x100-c-user-guide-program-ford-focus-key-9